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Artspace Hue is a non-profit exhibition space established in 2003 and discovers unknown creative /experimental artists. Throughout periodical changes and circumstances, Artspace Hue provides a new alternative platform for promising artists. Having been relocated from Seoul to Paju Book City in January 2011, Artspace Hue has maintained its commitment to establishing professional artistic networks between Seoul and the rest of the Korean contemporary art scene to broaden the boundaries for young and developing artists.

About the Solo Exhibition
A solo exhibition has a purpose to present the newest artwork of an era. It is the characteristic and responsibility of every alternative space to provide the vision and form for new discourse.
We look for emerging artists and materialize the issues they have found through their work. We seek to help them develop their work through these exhibitions. With having 4 solo exhibitions every year, Artspace Hue suggests new esthetic points with artwork that has a new generation’s perception of time.

About the Planning Exhibition
A planning exhibition shows how these programs in alternative spaces have changed. After the turn of the millennium, the environment of visual culture and the tendency of the Korean contemporary art scene have changed rapidly. Throughout periodical changes, circumstances and the appearance of the exhibition, the keywords that most curators and artists use have transformed. The aim of Artspace Hue is coming up with productive measures for curators and artists.

About International Exchanges and Networking
Artspace Hue organizes international exchanges through exhibitions and produces its follow-up result in diverse archives and publications. Small scale international exchanges and networking with other small art galleries and other alternative is defining the characteristic and function of alternative art places. As an important method to survive in the global environment of the rapidly changing ar


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